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Cutter Collection - Well worth the wait!

Within a few months, A. W. Reed, Ltd. will re-start production of the famous Cutter Collection saddle pad. Customers who have depended on the high quality materials and the attention to detail will not be disappointed. Pure wool fleece (the highest grade used by anyone in the industry), burgundy latigo or golden skirting wear leathers along with our anti-microbial filler add up to a pad that not only looks good but is good for the hose since the pad breathes and controls moisture.

Moreover, as A. W. Reed, Ltd. adds more manufacturers; the inventory of blankets available for transformation into a Cutter Collection pad will grow to over 200. Customers looking for a custom pad will find about 20 different designs and a selection of 95 colors.

Customers will also have a selection of wear leathers, hand-tooled wear leathers, conchos, Montana Silversmith conchos, beads and the famous Sworovski crystals.

Once production re-starts, we will make an announcement on this website and by email.