Our History

Albert Wilmore Reed, "A.W.”, (1863-1927) came from a long line of highly skilled craftsmen. Starting with A.W.'s Great-Grandfather, Isaac Reed, who served in the Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolutionary War, there has been a succession of carpenters, stone masons, furniture makers and harness and saddle makers. A.W. Reed's Harness Store was located in Williamsburg, Ohio, a small town in southern Ohio. Because of A.W.'s skill with leather, customers came from all over the Midwest to the little shop on Main Street.

about us

"A.W." had a reputation for being fussy about maintaining quality and always believed any product that carried the Reed Family name had to be made with the best material and with the utmost care. Equally important, every handcrafted A.W. Reed product was designed with the comfort of both horse and rider in mind.

Cutter Collection, now a division of A. W. Reed, Ltd., also has a history. Judy White, one of the founders of the company, had been working with high-quality wool for a number of years. Judy manufactured (and continues to do so today, see Whitehouse Designs, www.whitehousedesigns.com) pet products which incorporates wool. The benefits of wool for puppies and kittens were proven. Sometime in the mid 1980's, while attending the North American International Livestock Exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky, Judy decided it was time to join wool fleece to saddle blankets. Some horses, after all, had problems with sore withers and with wool's excellent track record in hospitals and nursing homes with controlling bed sores; the use of wool fleece was worth a try.

The rest is history. Cutter Collection was started in 1988 (Marietta, Oklahoma) and was one of the first, if not the first, companies to manufacture a saddle pad consisting of a New Zealand wool blanket and wool fleece. At first, sales were limited to horse and stock shows but as more trainers and horsemen learned of the quality and benefits of a Cutter Collection saddle pad, the business grew.

The business was put on the market in 2004 and the Reed Family purchased the company July 1, 2004. Today, manufacturing, distribution and corporate offices are located in Columbia, Kentucky. Since purchasing the company, the Reed Family has focused on maintaining and in some cases, improving the quality of materials that are used to make a Cutter Collection saddle pad. There have also been other improvements, thanks to the recommendation of well-known horseman, David Field of Kemp, Texas. Still, despite the changes, the core design remains the same.

Within a few months, A.W. Reed will be selling Cutter Collection saddle pads direct to customers along with other famous brands. A. W. Reed will continue to focus on quality and value particularly important in view of the realities of our economy. Quality will be maintained by two polices. First we will concentrate on purchasing only the brands that continue to produce high quality blankets and saddle pads. No-name products, woven in the backyards of India or Mexico will not be considered by A. W. Reed.

Our second policy revolves around our most valued asset; our customers. Those who request our company y to assemble a Cutter Collection saddle pad, are assured that they will continue to receive a finished product, using the highest quality fleece, filler and leather in its construction. Cutter Collection saddle pads never come from a container but are assembled by craftsman in this country because, here, we can control quality and create a pad that meets your individual specifications in terms of fleece, filler, wear leathers, tooling, conchos, jewels, beads or crystals.

Our pricing goal is to be one of the lowest if not the lowest in the industry. When customers compare our pricing which includes free shipping 24/7 on every item with pricing of our competition (most have a shipping charge), they will be pleasantly surprised. We will be able to offer this value by buying pads, blankets and materials at the best possible price. Furthermore, we operate out of rural Kentucky from our farm (no expensive real estate). The costs of operating in this environment is low and with no bloated salaries and with our craftsmen paid for what they produce rather than tine spent, there are enormous savings which we pass on, to you, our customer.

Old "A.W." would have been very pleased with the decision of his descendents to represent the best brands in the industry and manufacture Cutter Collection saddle pads, a product that stands alone in a very crowded field.