International Customers

A W Reed, Ltd and its Cutter Collection division have a long history of shipping products to overseas customers. The reason for this successful relationship is simple: quality. A W Reed, Ltd., more specifically Cutter Collection, uses the highest quality materials more common to custom saddle making than saddle blankets and pads. Add the detailed hand work that it takes to complete a saddle blanket or pad and the result is a product unmatched by any standard.

Shipping to overseas customers may be expensive.  Shipping prices are calculated at the time of purchase, so the final shipping price will be accurately shown before checkout. Keep in mind international shippers do not deliver to a P O Box. If you experience any problems or have any questions about international shipping, feel free to contact us.

Once we receive your email, we will find the lowest shipping rate by contacting FrdEx, UPS, DHL and the US Postal Service.

Once you decide to accept the shipping charges and our selling price, then, complete registration and the checkout process. Lastly, some countries do prohibit the importation of specific products. To date, we have not had any problem with shipping saddle blankets or pads to international customers.


A W Reed, Ltd. Very much appreciates your business.


Robert and Pan Reed